Sunday, 8 April 2012

Rob, which is no more than a story about a gringo who marries into a Mexican-American family but is really 30 minutes of "How did this guy get this girl to marry him?," is quintessential Schneider packed with trademarks from his films. It just wouldn't be a Rob Schneider project without an awkward situation that's mistaken by others to involve grandma sex. And, as with all his movies, it's an excuse to pair the shlubby Schneider with a just-fell-off-a-magazine-cover gorgeous chick, in this case, screen-licking-worthy Spanish actress Claudia Bassols, who plays Rob's wife Maggie. The humor is typical swing-at-every-pitch-and-hope-you-make-contact-once-or-twice, and Rob's series premiere got in a few hits (like, two and a half) via accidental chuckles -- though I will never admit to that in person.

S01E01 (avi format)

S01E02 (avi format)
S01E03 (avi format)
S01E04 (avi format)
S01E05 (avi format)
S01E06 (XviD.avi + 480p.mkv format)
S01E07 (XviD.avi + 480p.mkv format)
S01E08 (XviD.avi + 480p.mkv format)
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